Security Service & Management comes to life from an idea of Valeria Mazzotti, Security Manager at the University "Guglielmo Marconi" Rome.

Her philosophy: from Latin “sine cura” which means without concern...
Our mission is to provide a full guaranteed package: from problem evaluation, going through the study of a suitable/tailored-made solution up to the efficiency of the service.

Regulations: Ministerial Decree

Inspection/surveillance services

- Control of service’s infrastructures
- Closure/lock of doors and windows, electric panels and electronic tools, etc.
- Visitor’s access registration
- Access control and inspection
- Restriction of cars access to parking areas
- Technical management of company’s movable and unmovable assets
- Inspections tasks both in parking/outdoor areas and inside the building
- Inspection, after the closure of the main gate, of any other secondary gate and/or entrance door and rooms
- Carry out a specific prevention measures against fire, flooding and gas leaks and eventual prompt actions and intervention if needed.